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Welcome VWXY Employees to CWA!

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We proudly represent over 70,000 working families in New Jersey, including 35,000 State Workers.

By standing together in our union, we are powerful and able to negotiate good contracts with job security, quality affordable health benefits, and many other terms and conditions of our employment including vacation time, sick leave, health and safety protections, and wage increases. In NJ, we also have a funded and guaranteed pension because CWA members have mobilized for a secure retirement with dignity.

As union members, we set the priorities for what we fight for together and we choose our worksite union leaders. We are excited to welcome you to our union family.

In addition, because of our unity, the State agreed to have CWA represent hundreds of State workers who were formerly assigned to employee groups V, W, X, and Y and therefore unrepresented. As a result of this agreement, previously unrepresented workers will be immediately covered by certain key provisions of CWA’s existing agreements with the State, including:

  • JOB SECURITY/NO LAYOFFS: CWA negotiated a NO Layoffs/Job Security agreement this past summer which includes covered VWXY employees. As part of this NO Layoff Agreement, VWXY employees will be furloughed the day after Thanksgiving and President’s day.
  • A VOICE IN THE WORKPLACE: Each CWA workplace has a trained union steward who will answer any questions you may have and inform you of union events that we encourage all members to participate in.
  • UNION REPRESENTATION AROUND GRIEVANCES AND DISCIPLINES: If our contract is violated and it affects you, you will be represented by your trained steward and/or union representative. See back of flyer for your Weingarten Rights/rights you have when meeting with management where disciplinary action may result.
  • DEMOCRACY: Your CWA Local staff will inform you of union and committee meetings, and other events. Your voice and vote count in our union.


Recently, workers in the VWXY employee relations groups were placed under the CWA UNITY/NJ DIRECT Plan. This is an excellent health care plan with extensive coverage. Your monetary healthcare contribution will drop significantly because you will now pay CWA-negotiated rates for this plan. Depending on your salary and who participates on your plan with you – single, spouse, child, or family – you will save between $359 to $1,472.

Negotiations are on-going to ensure that former VWXY employees are covered under all articles in the CWA contract with the State of New Jersey. CWA’s contract covers the terms and conditions of employment for State employees and is legally-enforceable. Your CWA Local will have updates on these negotiations as they move forward.


Do I receive wage increases and step increases like other CWA represented employees? CWA must reach agreement with the State regarding the application of wage and step increases. There are hundreds of employees and titles which must be reviewed to properly place employees on the correct CWA wage scales. CWA is committed to ensuring that you receive the same across-the-board salary and step increases as other CWA members. CWA local representatives will stay in touch with you as the negotiations process moves forward.

How would my path for future promotions look like now I am represented by CWA? If your title is, as are most, in the “career service” you are afforded the Civil Service process for promotions. You will have the benefit of CWA’s years of experience navigating the Civil Service system and assisting you if proper promotion procedures are not followed.

What type of protection can I expect in my current position as a union member? Am I no longer vulnerable to being let go by another administration? Under the CWA contract career employees and unclassified employees with 3 or more years of service can only be disciplined and/or terminated for “Just Cause”. That means the employer must meet a high standard in order to uphold any challenged discipline. Union members are also able to grieve contract violations that apply to them.

Am I protected by the job security agreement? Do I have to serve the 2 holiday furloughs? Yes, you are protected by the job security agreement that was negotiated by CWA in June 2020. This agreement includes unpaid furlough days on the Day After Thanksgiving and Presidents Day. For a full copy of the agreement, please contact your CWA Local.

How can I become a CWA member? You can join by reaching out directly to your CWA Local point of contact below. You can also go to CWANJ. org and download the membership card which is located at the top of the home page. Download and fill it out, then email your completed membership card to

If you have other questions, you can contact Bill Bradley (609) 278-6588.

Click here to download a copy of the MOA.