SHBP Year 2018 Open Enrollment Resources and Links

Optum RX takes over from Express Scripts on December 23 and January 1; New OptumRx Prescription Cards Mailed

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The following information on Open Enrollment has been compiled by CWA from the Division of Pensions and Benefits. This is simply a directory of pertinent links for State Employees during Open Enrollment. For complete information from the Division of Pensions and Benefits, please refer to the Treasury website:

NJ Treasury Division of Pensions and Benefits Open Enrollment 2017 website:

Important Dates

OPEN ENROLLMENT PERIOD: October 2, 2017 — October 31, 2017

Completed applications must be returned to your human resources representative or benefits administrator for certification by October 31. Do not submit your application directly to the Division of Pensions & Benefits.

Effective date of coverage: January 1, 2018

ATTENTION: Beginning January 1, 2018,* OptumRx is replacing Express Scripts as the prescription drug benefit manager.

Why the change?

In 2016, CWA and other public sector union representatives brought forward a proposal to change the management of the prescription system, so that the State is not being over-billed by the Pharmacy Benefits Manager. The state initially resisted the proposed change, but the unions persisted and finally won state cooperation by demonstrating that New Jersey had the opportunity to save over $1 billion dollars without any changes to worker health care benefits.

What does that mean for me and my family?

For nearly all of our members it will simply have a new prescription drug card in your wallet with no change in drugs coverage. Members will receive more information directly from OptumRx during the implementation process, including a welcome letter and OptumRx ID cards to be mailed to member home addresses.

*December 23, 2017 for members paid through the State’s Centralized Payroll Unit

Health Benefits Rates and Information for Plan Year 2018

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Medical Plans

Side-by-Side Comparison of Horizon & Aetna Medical Plans and Costs

Dental Plans

State Active Employee Medical Plan Applications

Local Government Employee (SHBP Medical/Prescription Drug Plan) Applications

Employee Dental Plans Application (Active Members Only)


Continuation of Tiered Network Plan Incentives

ATTENTION: There are now incentive payments for joining a tiered network plan for a minimum of two years. Remember, there are significant savings for tiered network plans— premiums and your premium share are 25% less than for the basic Horizon NJ Direct and Aetna Freedom plans. To review the information on the tiered network plans, please read the CWA Report on State Health Benefits Plan 2018.
  • State employees may participate
  • Local government employees may participate IF their employer has adopted a resolution to take part in the Incentive Program
  • Available to first-time enrollees in a tiered network medical plan and continuing for two complete plan years
  • Choice of either the Aetna Liberty Plan or the Horizon OMNIA Health Plan
  • Employee financial incentive:
    • $1,000 for single
    • $1,250 for member/spouse/partner
    • $1,250 for parent/child(ren)
    • $2,000 for family
  • Incentive amount shall be paid by a gift card within the first quarter of plan year 2018 and is reportable as taxable income
  • Incentive will be forfeited and returned to the SHBP if subscriber fails to remain enrolled for at least two plan years (1/1/18 through 12/31/19)