State Health Benefits Plan Open Enrollment Resources & Links

Looking for Plan Year 2018 Information? Click here to go to: SHBP Year 2018 Open Enrollment Resources and Links

ATTENTION: There have been important changes to prescription drugs, emergency room co-pays, out-of-network physical therapy that could affect your out-of-pocket costs. To review changes and other new information, please read the CWA Report on State Health Benefits Plan 2017

The following information on Open Enrollment has been compiled by CWA from the Division of Pensions and Benefits. This is simply a directory of pertinent links for State Employees during Open Enrollment. For complete information from the Division of Pensions and Benefits, please refer to the Treasury website.

NJ Treasury Division of Pensions and Benefits Open Enrollment 2017 website:


OPEN ENROLLMENT PERIOD: October 3, 2016 – October 31, 2016
Certified applications are due at the Division of Pension and Benefits no later than November 11, 2016
Effective date of coverage: January 1, 2017 (State bi-weekly employees effective date is December 24, 2016)

Health Benefits Rates and Information for Plan Year 2017 for Active State Employees

Information on Tiered Network Plans

ATTENTION: There are now incentive payments for joining a tiered network plan for a minimum of two years. Remember, there are  significant savings for tiered network plans— premiums and your premium share are 25% less than for the basic Horizon NJ Direct and Aetna Freedom plans. To review the information on the tiered network plans, please read the CWA Report on State Health Benefits Plan 2017.

Brief Overview of Aetna Liberty and Horizon Omnia Tiered Network Plans:


Aetna website for State Employees:
Aetna Medical Customer Service: 1-877-STATENJ/1-877-782-8365
Aetna Dental Customer Service: 1-877-STATENJ/1-877-782-8365

See if your doctor is in the Aetna network: and click on “enter Docfind”

Aetna Liberty Tiered Network Plan Tier 1 Hospitals


Horizon website for State Employees:
Horizon Customer Service: 1-800-414-SHBP/1-800-414-7427

Horizon OMNIA Tiered Network Plain Tier 1 Hospitals