Mid-Atlantic Regional Bargaining Report #32

The Regional Committee met with the company today in an off-table discussion regarding healthcare. These discussions are an attempt to clarify information and find areas of agreement where we can move forward in these very slow negotiations.  Tomorrow, members of the committee will meet regarding local issues.  A report on the local meeting will be provided to the specific bargaining unit.

Today, we understand, Verizon released a new logo. We are sure this took months and months of heavy design costs to come up with this masterpiece.  You have to believe that if the Company has the money to design a new logo and replace it on all of the buildings, vehicles and literature than they damn sure have money for fair and equitable contract for our members.

This weekend, most areas will be having Labor Day activities. The committee encourages everyone to get out to the events in your area.  We must take this opportunity to join with our other brothers and sisters in labor and tell the story of our fight with Verizon to other labor organizations and the public at large.