Local 1040 Ramps Up Internal Organizing

On March 27, 37 activists from CWA Local 1040 participated in an internal organizing training in Trenton, New Jersey. These activists are now members of a newly-formed Organizing Rapid Response Team that will continue the work of building the union and will make communication with members and non-members a top priority.

“Our members are ready to work hard to grow our local and to make workers’ voices heard,” said Carolyn Wade, president of CWA Local 1040, who also leads the CWA Executive Board Organizing Committee. “The challenges we face, along with other CWA locals and the entire labor movement, are a great opportunity for us to make our union stronger.”

During the training, Team members shared their strategies and best practices for signing up new members into the union and engaged in role playing by practicing one-on-one conversations with co-workers.

A follow-up meeting is already planned for April where Team members will review their goals and report their progress in signing up non-members. The meeting will also be an opportunity for Team members to discuss their success and challenges with one another.