Listen Again: May 31 State Worker Tele-Town Hall


  • State Worker Bargaining Report
    • When the contract first expired, the Governor took the position that he did not have to pay increments. CWA believes that to be illegal and we filed a lawsuit, an unfair labor practice charge, and a grievance.
    • The Public Employee Relations Commission (PERC) had already overturned 40 years of precedent and allowed employers in Atlantic County and in Bridgewater not to pay increments after contract expiration.
    • Those cases were already in the legal pipeline, therefore we knew those cases would go to the Appellate Court and the New Jersey Supreme Court before our case did. Atlantic County and Bridgewater cases were argued before¬†the New Jersey Supreme Court on March 15. We expect a decision any day from the Supreme Court, and our attorneys believe that decision will be in our favor.
    • We are now at the table and have had two bargaining sessions (March 28 and May 17)
    • CWA has submitted most of our proposals, other than wages. The State has put their non-economic proposals on the table and has told us that they will not offer us money, or discuss economics, until we resolve their non-economic demands.
    • Their non-economic demands are unacceptable to CWA and the contracts signed by the other unions sets a precedent that undermines our argument that withholding increments is illegal.
    • When the Supreme Court rules, we will send out a robo-call giving you what information we have and a date for another Town Hall, so that you know what our next moves are.
  • Pension/ State Budget
    • In February, Gov. Christie announced a $2.5 billion pension payment in the state budget. This is only half of the required contribution recommended by actuaries.
    • The State Budget is still on track to include this payment.
    • The Governor also proposed that the State Lottery be transferred into the pension plan as an asset.The value of this asset would be $13.8 billion dollars. In transferring this asset in, it will lower the unfunded liability.
  • Federal Government/ Wall Street Choice Act
    • Three very important matters happening at the Federal level:
  • June 6 NJ Primary Election
    • CWA recommends a vote for Phil Murphy for Governor in the Democratic Primary