Listen Again: March 2 State Worker Tele-Town Hall


Topics & Call Overview:

  • Pension and News Update, Hetty Rosenstein, CWA NJ Director
    • Governor Christie is proposing a $1.9 billion pension payment and $250 million cut to health care benefits.
    • The legislature is pushing a cut in the estate/inheritance taxes in hopes of a deal with the Christie Administration on Transportation Trust Fund voting.
    • Public Sector members in the Executive Branch are currently engaged in a vote on a dues increase to support the Constitutional Amendment campaign.
  • Legal Update, Steve Weissman, CWA Attorney
    • The U.S. Supreme Court has decided it will not hear an appeal of the pension decision of the New Jersey Supreme Court.
    • Working Families Alliance is suing the Christie Administration to improper use of taxpayer money while on the campaign trail.
    • Four actions are currently pending on Increments: 1) A grievance. 2) Lawsuit with PBA filed with the NJ Superior Court. That case was heard in October 2015 in the Superior Court in front of Judge Jacobson. 3) Appeal of the Atlantic County Decision by PERC to halt increments and 4) Unfair Practice Lawsuit filed with PERC.
  • Constitutional Amendment Campaign, Seth Hahn, Legislative & Political Director