Listen Again: February State Worker Town Hall

Topics & Call Overview:

  • Legal Update, Steve Weissman, CWA Attorney
    • The U.S. Supreme Court will decide on or about February 19th whether to hear an appeal of the pension decision of the New Jersey Supreme Court.
    • COLA lawsuit to be heard April 2016.
    • Working Families Alliance is suing the Christie Administration to improper use of taxpayer money while on campaign trail.
    • Four actions are currently pending on Increments: 1) A grievance. 2) Lawsuit with PBA filed with the NJ Superior Court. That case was heard in October 2015 in the Superior Court in front of Judge Jacobson. 3) Appeal of the Atlantic County Decision by PERC to halt increments and 4) Unfair Practice Lawsuit filed with PERC.
    • NJ Legislature passed resolutions on 2 occasions against the Civil Service Commission’s practice of job banding. Civil Service is ignoring civil service laws as it relates to procedures on promotions. CWA has appealed and we are waiting for arguments to be scheduled. The NJ Legislature will join this case.
  • Constitutional Amendment Campaign, Hetty Rosenstein, NJ Director