Gloucester County Library Workers Join CWA Local 1085

On Friday, January 18, workers employed by the Gloucester County Library Commission organized with CWA Local 1085 through card check received recognition via the NJ Public Employment Relations Commission. This organizing effort grew out of the Local’s ongoing efforts with CWA Strong work. The group that joined CWA is composed of 54 supervisory and non-supervisory workers employed in a variety of professional and non-professional titles including librarians, senior librarians, library assistants, library pages, and others.  They work at 6 libraries throughout Gloucester County.

A strong organizing committee met regularly to develop a mission statement and track their one on one conversations with co-workers. An overwhelming majority of both the supervisory and non-supervisory work groups signed cards indicating their desire to organize with CWA and a majority of professionals indicated their desire to be included in one workgroup with their co-workers.

The Local worked diligently with organizing committee members to support workers in their organizing efforts, including inviting activists from the workgroup to the Local’s holiday party while they were still in the midst of winning recognition.

Congratulations and welcome to CWA!