Free Virtual Doctor Visits for CWA Members with Paladina Health

The COVID19 emergency is a tough time to be looking for a doctor, particularly when many primary care practices are in danger of collapsing due to lack of patient visits and revenue.


R-Health and Paladina Health have secure financing and have been in contact with as many as many or more members during the pandemic.


Paladina Health has joined R-Health in initiating a special program for CWA members and families to be seen by a Paladina Health doctor to let our members decide afterwards if they want Paladina to be their primary care doc.  A flyer describing this program is attached.


There is no copay or other cost to you.  The program is for the whole family! – CWA members and dependents.


You can schedule a virtual first visit with Paladina (or R-Health) by simply contacting them by phone (866-808-6005) or email ( or visit their website at Remember Direct Primary Care will be more comprehensive than what you are probably use too.


Paladina Health has locations in Clifton, Jersey City and Hamilton.  R-Health  has locations in Cherry Hill, Ewing,  Voorhees, Moorestown, Hamilton, New Brunswick, and West Orange.