On behalf of NJSPBA President Pat Colligan and Executive Vice President Marc Kovar, CWA members are invited to use the COVID-19 antibody testing program set up for front line workers and their families.

NJSPBA has partnered with the Doctor Patient Alliance, accurate Diagnostic Labs and Labcorp to provide streamlined access to antibody testing for our members so they have the opportunity to make educated decisions for themselves and would like to give CWA members the same opportunity.

Below are the simple instructions:


May 11, 2020

Please follow these simple instructions:

1. The members will contact a Medical Provider from the list attached title “NJDPA-PBA COVID TEST 05052020”. During the scheduling, you will advise the scheduler that you are registering for the PBA COVID-19 antibody test and visit for having been exposed to COVID. The visit will be via telehealth so the geographical location and type of practice of the office you choose to use does not matter, all of the Doctors are trained to address testing issues. You will provide your insurance information and identification to the scheduler. You will then be scheduled for a telehealth appointment to address your COVID issues and concerns. Family members are permitted to utilize this program. Remember, the members cost share is only waived for COVID-19 related visits and testing. You must be able to articulate how the visit is related to COVID-19 in order to be eligible for the waver of cost share and testing. This is a Federal requirement.

2. If the provider cannot schedule you in a reasonable amount of time please advise them you are going to reach out to another provider who can.

3. After the telehealth visit, if the member meets the criteria, the Provider will provide the member with a prescription via email with the following information:

FAX, PHONE, NPI, and ADDRESS of Practice. If the prescription does not have the diagnosis codes of Z20.828, Z03.818 or Z11.59, the test will not be covered by insurance.

4. Member (patient) should record the name of the Doctor that they spoke to as this will be the provider that advises you of your test results.

5. The member will provide a copy of the prescription to the Accurate or Labcorp Patient Service Center. For Accurate Diagnostics you can find locations and hours of operation on the attached spreadsheet. For Labcorp, you can go to, and click on Labs & Appointments. In this section, they can type in their location to find the nearest lab. Labcorp has a program that allows patients to check in and wait in their car (see the attached link under The “Wait Where You’re Comfortable” Program) – Both labs request that symptomatic members do not attend the Service Centers. If you are to receive a test for the virus, please attend one of the other testing centers throughout the state.

6. If a dependent does not have insurance the cost of the test is $50.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Kevin Lyons at