Executive Branch 2015-2019 Contract Information and Resources

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Summary of Tentative Agreement

CWA State of New Jersey Executive Branch (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2019)

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Retro Calculation Estimate Worksheet

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Members should receive retro payments by October 26, 2018. Retroactive payments for Overtime and SPRU should be received by November 9, 2018.

Above is a worksheet for State Executive Branch members to use to estimate retro pay. This is a useful tool to estimate retro, but the actual calculations and payments are being made by your Department’s Payroll office.  The worksheet is an estimator – it comes close to the gross total retro that a member should receive. The estimate will be a few dollars off based on a member’s anniversary date.

For members who had title changes (promotion, demotion) since July 1, 2015 to present, this will affect the final salary calculations. Unpaid leaves of absence will also affect retro.

Here are the steps to follow for retro inquiries:

1). State worker members all received an email from their Department’s Payroll office with instructions if they have a dispute or question. Some Payroll offices circulated an “Inquiry Form” that the member can fill out and send an email to a specific address that is collecting retro problems. Members should complete that form or email Payroll – they should follow the instructions sent to them by their Payroll Departments.

Members should contact Payroll first – this is the lowest level of dispute resolution. If things are not sorted out with Departmental Payroll, then level two is to escalate the dispute to the Union.

Depending on the number of questions and disputes, Payroll may be scheduling meetings with members or call-backs within two weeks. Responses may not be immediate.

CWA will ensure every member receives every dollar owed. The State did not provide backup explanations for the multiple checks which has led to a lot of confusion. It may take a little time to work through problems, but the Union will enforce our contract and ensure every member is paid what is owed under the contract.

2). Please try to use the Estimate Worksheet.

Members should always be educated on their salary, their anniversary dates, and how the contract works. This retro situation is an opportunity for all members to take a closer look at the contract, how they are paid, and to be more aware of the process.

3). CWA staff will help with and respond to urgent situations as quickly as possible.

Thanks to everyone as we work through this. Let’s remember Chris Christie blocked step payments and refused to negotiate in good faith for three years. This created a backlog of raises that this contract successfully reinstated, but it’s a huge mess to clean up. One more remnant of a bad 8 years.


 This Tentative Agreement provides that there will be no calculation of Chapter 78 health care contributions deducted from retroactive pay. The following documents are helpful for members to calculate their savings on health care.


“How Do I Vote?”

Each Local is making its plan for its members to vote on the contract. Please see your Shop Steward or contact your Local for voting dates and times and polling locations so that you may vote on the contract.