CWA New Jersey is CWA Strong!

After eight years of anti-worker attacks by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, CWA Locals in New Jersey are renewing their commitment to building workplace power, strengthening public sector collective bargaining, and resisting corporate attacks on our union.

On May 11, over 200 elected officers, staff representatives, Legislative and Political Action Committee members and shop stewards from 25 CWA locals representing tens of thousands of workers in the public sector at the State of New Jersey, county government, municipalities, and authorities, gathered for a CWA Strong event to discuss how the union will rise to upcoming challenges. 

Since 2010, Chris Christie has done an enormous amount of damage to New Jersey workers and in that time CWA has tirelessly protected working families and defended good jobs and strong public services. Collectively with the strength of CWA’s members, the union has fought back and protected Civil Service rights and layoff rights, and has fought dozens of attempts to privatize public work and eliminate pensions.

Now, CWA Locals have been ramping up internal organizing and are putting plans in place to strengthen our union by signing up new members and getting members involved in improving their workplace. These plans include training new activists and engaging one-on-one with CWA members and non-members in the workplace. In March, CWA Local 1040 trained new activists for an Organizing Rapid Response Team tasked with signing up new members. In just two months, Local 1040 has signed up over 100 new members into the union! Similar results are taking place across the union. Most recently, CWA Local 1014 reached their goal of 90% membership amongst the local’s bargaining unit of crossing guards in Camden, New Jersey.

Additionally, CWA locals are focused on building the independent political power necessary to fight back against anti-worker attacks and strengthen collective bargaining rights weakened under Chris Christie.This effort begins with the election for New Jersey Governor. New Jersey residents will elect a new Governor in November 2017 and CWA members are gearing up to get out the vote for union-endorsed candidate Phil Murphy in the Democratic Primary for Governor on June 6. Electing Murphy represents a chance to elect a governor who will stand up for working people. 

“CWA Strong” is not just a mantra, but a challenge to our union and the guide to which our union will conduct our work. Building our union is the best way to fight back against those who are trying to destroy public services and attack the wages and benefits of those of us at the forefront of public service.