CWA Members Vote Dues Increase to Fund Campaign for Secure Pensions

By 80.65 percent to 19.35 percent, CWA state workers in the executive branch in New Jersey voted overwhelmingly to finance a constitutional amendment campaign to secure public workers’ pensions and hold elected officials accountable to fund New Jersey’s pension system.

Votes were casted from February 22 to March 4. Members in New Jersey’s judicial branch will vote separately from March 14 to March 25.

The campaign for a pension constitutional amendment will include an unprecedented, statewide member education campaign, aimed at mobilizing some 800,000 active employees and retirees. CWA volunteers will go door-to-door to talk with other union members, and a media/public communications campaign will make the case to New Jersey’s nearly 4 million voting residents. More than 500 shop stewards and activists already have partcipated in mobilization trainings in December and February. The amendment will be on the November ballot.

Thank you to all of the members that voted. While this was just another step in that fight, it was an important one.