Back Pay Bill Passes Senate, Assembly to Vote on July 31

On July 13, State Legislators took steps to advance legislation that would require the state to pay workers who were involuntarily locked out during the state government shutdown on July 1, 2, and 3.

In a special session, the State Senate unanimously passed the back pay bill (S3422) 31-0 through an emergency vote. The Assembly also met for a quorum where the bill (A18) was also introduced. There will be an Assembly voting session on Monday, July 31 where the Assembly will vote on the bill. 42 votes are needed to pass the legislation.

Governor Christie has indicated he will sign the back pay bill, issuing a statement on July 12 stating if the Legislature were to send him a bill reinstating pay for those workers, he would promptly sign the bill.

CWA remains vigilant to see that all workers involuntarily locked out during the state shutdown are paid and leave time is rightfully restored.

Make 2 Calls to Fight for Back Pay

Call 844-214-7987 and tell your Legislator to vote YES on A18 to pay state workers locked out during the state shutdown.