2019 Shop Steward Conference Workshops

Workshop Options – March 27, 2019

Workshop A: 10:45am-12:00pm

Workshop B: 1:30pm-2:45pm

All workshops are planned to be offered during both workshop sessions.

Workshop Title: Recognizing a Member in a Behavioral Health Crisis

Workshop Description: It can be difficult to recognize a member who may be struggling with a behavioral health or dependency issue. Identifying signs and knowing where to turn is a vital skill for shop stewards. This workshop will give you the tools you will need to assist members at your worksite who may be hiding (not well at times) these medical issues.

Workshop Title: Your DPC Toolkit – Sharing Personalized Care with Your Members

Workshop Description: In 2016, CWA helped create a new program to provide better access to healthcare while also lowering costs. This Direct Primary Care (DPC) program was launched with Paladina Health and R-Health offering various locations across New Jersey to provide access to personalized care with no co-pays. Now, we need your help to continue to spread the word to CWA members and encourage participation in the DPC program. During this session, you’ll hear from representatives from Paladina Health and R-Health as well as fellow CWA shop stewards who are using and helping to promote the program. You’ll leave the session with a toolkit you can use to spread the word at your worksites and enroll members in this CWA supported program.

Workshop Title: Tips and Tools for Finding the Best In-Network Providers

Workshop Description: Aetna will present tips and tools to assist members at your worksite in finding the best in-network providers.

Workshop Title: Do the Hustle!: Mobilizing Your Co-Workers with Real Conversations via Text Hustle! Workshop Description: Action Alert! You’ve emailed and called your co-workers to death, and still no response. When the next mobilization happens, send a text! This workshop will train Stewards on a new text-messaging platform, Hustle, that will allow you to chat one-on-one with your co-workers in real conversations. We’ll go through a mock text message campaign that shows how we track conversations, responses, and results in getting members to take action. This is an advanced communications workshop that will require a smartphone and the download and use of an app.

Workshop Title: Telling Our Story for Earned Media Impact

Workshop Description: This workshop will empower you to put your story on paper and on social media platforms for maximum visibility and impact using earned media. We will leave with a boilerplate for a great Op-Ed and/or social media commentary.

Workshop Title: Runaway Inequality in 2019: How Economic Policy Affects Your Paychecks

Workshop Description: Join the NJ Work Environment Council for a workshop on how income and wealth are in fact being transferred from workers to the wealthy. We’ll look at the recent federal tax reform and how it consolidated more wealth for corporations at the expense of the middle-class, and New Jersey’s tax economic development giveaways and other tax cuts to the wealthy and how it relates to funding for public services in state and local governments.

Workshop Title: The Boss is a Bully: Mobilizing for Respect & Dignity at Work

Workshop Description: This workshop will explore ways to fight back against bullying and harassment in our workplaces and demand dignity and respect for all. Learn strategies from an experienced team that includes a labor lawyer, a local union staff representative, and a steward who has led a fight for respect and dignity at the worksite.

Workshop Title: Immigrant and Workers’ Rights In NJ

Workshop Description: Join Make the Road New Jersey, a membership-based immigrant and workers’ grassroots organization for a discussion on immigrant rights and how they relate to workers’ rights. Learn about the history of immigration in New Jersey and how you can join the fight back against the Trump administration’s attacks on immigrants on the border and in the Garden State. We will take a look at campaigns in New Jersey to expand access to drivers licenses, win fair wages for all and expand access to education for Dreamers.

Workshop Title: Kick the Boss in the A**: Workplace Mobilization Strategies

Workshop Description: This workshop will explore how member mobilization is fundamental to our task of taking power from the boss. We will learn from recent examples of successful direct actions by CWA members in NJ. We will teach the nuts and bolts of turnout, messaging, using creative actions, escalating campaigns, and using the threat of withholding our labor. These skills can be applied to waging a contract campaign, an issue campaign at your work site, or fighting for a fair state budget.

Workshop Title: Everything You Wanted to Know About Leaves, But Were Afraid to Ask

Workshop Description: Learn how to protect your members’ use of sick, vacation, Family Leave, workers compensation, and other leaves using your contract and the Law.

Workshop Title: An Organizing Approach to Health and Safety on the Job

Workshop Description: The labor movement has won important health and safety rights in our workplaces. This workshop will briefly discuss how they were achieved by building power through collective action, and then focus on how those rights can be defended and exercised by organizing campaigns in our own workplaces today.

Workshop Title: Risk, Sacrifice, Solidarity, and Commitment: When We Fight We Win

Workshop Description: Explore case studies of successful organizing and mobilization campaigns including the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and our own CWA NJ fight against privatization at motor vehicles offices. We will use these case studies to draw lessons and best practices for our current fights.

Workshop Title: All Politics Are Local

Workshop Description: The Trump election launched grassroots organizing all over the country and especially here in New Jersey. Learn how that led to our Blue Wave in Congress and where it is now bringing us on State issues.

Workshop Title: At The River I Stand

Workshop Description: We will view the movie At The River I Stand about the Memphis sanitation workers’ strike and Martin Luther King Jr’s role in the strike. Following the movie, we will discuss how the fight for workers’ rights relates to the fight for civil rights and other struggles for social and economic justice.

Workshop Title: When It’s Time to Go to Paper: Grievance Handling for Stewards

Workshop Description: You’ve raised the issue to the boss, you’ve met with your coworkers and done some mobilization, you’ve tried to get things settled – it’s time to file a Grievance. Learn how to file a Grievance properly, provide a good description of the issue that will constitute a contractual grievance, and how to ask for the appropriate remedy.

Workshop Title: How Do You Get the Whole Story?

Workshop Description: What questions do you need to ask when someone comes to you with a problem so that you get the full story before you “go off”? Learn how to interview an upset coworker from two experts – Ruth Barrett and Jason Jones.