Rev. Dr. William Barber Leads “Moral Resistance” Events in New Jersey

On March 9, the “Moral Movement” for social, racial, environmental and economic justice traveled to New Jersey. Rev. Dr. William Barber, founder of North Carolina’s “Moral Monday” movement led two days of events hosted by CWA in Trenton and Hackensack, New Jersey which turned out over 1200 union members and community members. The events consisted of a rally and a workshop highlighting how New Jersey can begin to build and sustain a social justice movement grounded in resistance to extremist public policies.

“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said as long as racism, classism, and militarism exist, we need a moral revolution of values,” Barber said. “Fifty years later we need a moral revival of values.”

Barber, who also was a featured speaker at last year’s Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, is the pastor of Greenleaf Christian Church in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Through Repairers of the Breach, Rev. Barber helps to build and support state-based “moral movements” across the United States and enlists moral activists in the fight against systemic racism, poverty,  extremism, denial of health care, voter suppression, environmental injustice, discrimination towards LGBTQ people, sexism, and our current moment in history.

Barber, spoke for the need to push for action on several issues: voting rights; labor rights; access to public education; and universal health care. He urged his listeners to gather around what he called not only a policy agenda, but also a moral position: pro-labor; anti-poverty; anti-racism, and anti-bigotry.

In recent months, CWA has led a newly-formed  “New Jersey Resistance Movement” network in conjunction with New Jersey’s progressive forces. Hundreds of community leaders have signed up on a statewide action network email list and over 3,000 activists who have become members of a growing Facebook page for local actions. Join the NJ Resistance Movement facebook page at