Take Action To Save Your Pension

The CWA and Other Unions Have Provided an Online Action You Can Do to Save Your Pension

CWA Begins Educational Ad Campaign in New Jersey

CWA has unveiled the first in a series of ads designed to educate New Jerseyans about the role CWA members play in making New Jersey a great place to live, as well as the disastrous impact Governor Christie's budget will have on the services residents have come to trust and expect.

To hear the radio ad, click the play button below.

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When it Comes to Corruption, Christie Says One Thing, Does Another

By now we've all heard the narrative Chris Christie wants us to believe: He's a tough-minded reformer who wants to crack down on corruption and stop abuses of public money.  Christie made a living on the campaign trail talking about getting tough on corrupt public officials and kicking them off government payrolls.  And on that account, I fully agree.  Corrupt officials make things incredibly difficult for the vast majority of public workers who play by the rules.

Christie Approval Drops 20 Points Since Unveiling of Budget

The more New Jerseyans learn about the budget Chris Christie has unveiled, the less they approve of the job he is doing.  In the month since Governor Christie has introduced his budget, his net approval ratings have dropped 20 points. 

CWA Prepares Information on Pensions and Health Benefits Changes

Last Monday, three bills making changes to the New Jersey Public Employees Retirement System and the State Health Benefits Plan were signed into law.  The bills, which are an attack on the ability of public sector unions to collectively bargain for working conditions and wages and benefits, were passed over the strong objection of CWA and our allies on the public sector.