CWA NJ Newsletter March 21st

From working to stop Verizon from hurting small businesses to working to stop Governor Christie from closing developmental centers, this is some of the work CWA members have been up to this week.

CWA Testifies at Privatization Task Force Hearing

CWA State Director Hetty Rosenstein testified in front of the Task Force on Privatization today, criticizing Governor Christie's reckless drive towards privatization that places ideolgy in front of the best interests of taxpayers. 

"Privatization of state government in New Jersey has been an almost unilateral disaster in terms of ethics, cost, services and accountability," Rosenstein said, before providing numerous examples of privatization schemes that have led to fraud, corruption, political patronage and abuse of taxpayer dollars.

A Month After Christie's Budget, Only 33% Have a Favorable Opinion of Him

The honeymoon is officially over.

Not even a month after Chris Christie unveiled his budget proposal, a poll released today shows only 33% of New Jerseyans have a favorable opinion of Chris Christie.  This confirms a poll from last week showing that only 38% of New Jerseyans have a favorable opinion.

CWA Begins Educational Ad Campaign in New Jersey

CWA has unveiled the first in a series of ads designed to educate New Jerseyans about the role CWA members play in making New Jersey a great place to live, as well as the disastrous impact Governor Christie's budget will have on the services residents have come to trust and expect.

To hear the radio ad, click the play button below.

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