CWA NJ Newsletter March 21st

From working to stop Verizon from hurting small businesses to working to stop Governor Christie from closing developmental centers, this is some of the work CWA members have been up to this week.

CWA Local 1032 Wins First Round of Fight to Save NJN

When Governor Chris Christie unveiled his draconian budget in March, he set out to privatize NJN by January 1, selling the infrastructure owned by the state and eliminating the jobs there.  Christie wanted legislation to privatize NJN on his desk by July 1.

CWA Launches Memorial Day Radio Ads Highlighting Christie's Attempt to Gut Worker Protections, Increase Corruption

CWA will run radio ads statewide during Memorial Day weekend highlighting Governor Christie's proposals to gut the Civil Service sytem in New Jersey--dismantling preferences for American veterans in hiring and promotions at a time when unemployment among veterans is 16%.

To hear the ad, click below:

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Hypocrisy Watch: Republicans Applaud Christie for Using Funds from a Federal Program They Think is Unconstitutional

Governor Chris Christie reversed course on Thursday, announcing that he will restore funding for Senior Gold and the Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled (PAAD), eliminating planned hikes in premiums and copays for seniors.