CWA NJ Newsletter March 21st

From working to stop Verizon from hurting small businesses to working to stop Governor Christie from closing developmental centers, this is some of the work CWA members have been up to this week.

America Goes Dark

The following is a column by Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman that originally appeared in the New York Times on August 8.  Although it certainly has overtones here in New Jersey, it shows the battles we are fighting in New Jersey are part of a national fight.  To view the article at the NYT website, click here.

Public Worker Pay in Line With Private Sector in NJ

A new study shows what public workers have known all along: Despite what Chris Christie and the media says, public workers are not paid any more than workers in the private sector, and the benefits aren’t all that great, either. 

CWA Fights for Collective Bargaining in Trenton

Assemblyman Paul Moriarty called a roundtable discussion in Trenton last Thursday to discuss a bil, S2206, that would allow management to unilaterally furlough public workers for nearly any reason.  CWA was there, making the case that all furloughs must be bargained.

The Week Ahead: What CWA is Doing and Hou YOU Can Get Involved

A lot is happening around the state this week.  CWA will be there, and we want you to get involved!