Stand Up For Civil Service!

On April 10th, the Civil Service Commission will hold a public hearing on a rule proposal to eliminate civil service as we know it. Click here to sign our petition asking for more public input on the proposed changes.

The rule proposal bypasses the legislature and contract negotiations to "broad band" civil service titles, rewrite promotional rules, and eliminate or limit important protections like veteran preference, testing and ranking on lists, and layoff rights.

Take action to ensure this rule isn't rubber-stamped after a single hearing! Make sure thousands of public employees and hundreds of thousands of residents can weigh in to shape or stop this rule.

The “broad bands” of job titles would allow management at all levels of government (State, County, and Municipal) in the Civil Service System to group numerous job titles in large “bands.” Employers could hire, demote, or advance employees to jobs within the “band” based solely on management's assessment of your competency - without objective testing or lists.

Even worse is the manner in which the Commission is trying to do this. They are only allowing one hearing on these changes—at 3pm on a work day when most workers and residents can not attend the hearing. Despite the fact that thousands of public employees would be harmed by the rule, the hearing room only holds 20 people.

The Christie Administration wants to silence public input and push this change through with a rubber stamp after one meeting. We need to mobilize to stop it. We will be organizing public comment opposing the rule but the first step is to get the Commission to hold a real public hearing process.

CWA Locals are circulating an on-line petition asking for the Civil Service Commission to hold more than one public hearing.  To view the petition and sign, please click here.


#1 This guy just doesn't stop

This guy just doesn't stop with his anti-union, anti-worker, anti-middle class agenda. And in all likelihood his parents and or grandparents benefited either directly or indirectly from the unionization effort that was and still is being conducted in New Jersey and throughout the United States. What a hypocrite. A man with no integrity who has many people fooled into believing he is an honest guy. Any politician who has an agenda he does not want to express in open debate with those who are the target of that agenda is not an honest person. This description fits Governor Christie to a tee.

#2 Please allow additional

Please allow additional hearings on the proposed Broad Band Rule

#3 Lets get rid of Christie,

Lets get rid of Christie, he's done a poor job as Governor, unemployment is one of the highest in the country and the foreclosure rate is the second highest in the nation.
Where are they getting theses high approval ratings from, the Burg?