National Issues

National Issues

NJ Congressman Garrett thinks American Money, Banning Child Labor is Unconstitutional

As Republicans prepare to take over control of the US House of Representatives today, they are planning several radical rules changes, like requiring eveything be paid for except tax cuts (which means the Republicans will greatly increase the deficit), and a completely unnecessary rule requiring every bill to state which part of the Constitution authorizes that particular bill.

Local Government Job Losses Prevent Economic Recovery

As the country waits for an economic recovery most Americans wait for an economic recovery, millions of Americans can't find jobs, and unemployment climbs closer to 10%--within earshot of the highest unemployment has been since the recession started.

Nancy Pelosi Should Push for a Vote on Bush Tax Cuts

The following is an excerpt from a Newark Star-Ledger editorial that originally appeared on Tuesday, September 28. To read the full article, click here

Most polls show that Americans agree with Democrats who want to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire for incomes over $250,000 a year, while extending the cuts for middle-class taxpayers.

By The Numbers

§ 1 in 7: The number of Americans living in poverty last year

§ $21,954: The yearly income for a family of four to be considered living in poverty, a ridiculously low threshold meaning many more Americans are actually living in poverty