Building Our Union

bigpicOrganizing workers within our industries and sectors is an essential part of strengthening our union and our efforts to create a better life for ourselves and our families.

When workers organize with CWA we all benefit because our union gains the added strength that we need to preserve our existing negotiated gains, to protect our rights, and to affect public policy.

To successfully counter management, we must continue to organize the unorganized at CWA employers and within our industries and sectors.

Our union, like all unions in the US, is fighting the corporate attack on collective bargaining. As more and more workers are denied the right to bargain, the wages for all workers declines. Amidst these challenges, CEO pay is skyrocketing while our families struggle to make ends meet.


  • Talk with co-workers who are not members of CWA about joining the union.
  • Identify unorganized workers at our employer, industry or sector, who will benefit from CWA representation.
  • Join your Local’s organizing committee. Over 50,000 workers have organized with CWA over the last five years, but we need your activism to ensure everyone who wants representation has it. 


TCSHundreds of taxi drivers in Newark and beyond are organizing as drivers of Transunion Car Service under the banner of United Transportation Alliance of New Jersey (UTA-NJ), an affiliate of CWA Local 1039, to improve their working conditions and provide safe and reliable transportation services.

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