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Winners and Losers Under Christie So Far

In case you haven't been keeping count, Adrienne Lu over at the Garden State Grapevine blog sums everything up nicely:

Winners: The rich, corporations, and big employers.

Losers: The unemployed, public employees, hospitals, those who use public transportation, low-income legal immigrants, clean energy, and schools.

Lehman Scandal Continues to Unfold as New Jersey Politicians and Editorial Boards Claim Public Servants are the Greedy Ones

As we learn more and more about the "Repo 105" scandal being uncovered in the midst of the Lehman Bros. bankruptcy, politicians in New Jersey continue to call public workers the greedy ones.

Shared Sacrifice? Christie to Cut Benefits for Unemployed; Tax for Millionaires Still Not an Option

Governor Chris Christie announced cuts to unemployment benefits in the midst of the worst job market in 70 years on Thursday, setting up a showdown with the Democratic-controlled state legislature.

Lance Lands on GOP Stimulus Hypocrisy List

Freshman Congressman Leonard Lance (R-7th District) has earned the dubious distinction of being one of 114 Republican lawmakers--more than half of the Republicans in Washington--to block passage of President Obama's economic stimulus plan, criticise it in the press, and then take credit for the jobs and projects it has funded.

devastating report compiled by outlines the 114 Republicans who stood in the way of economic recovery while taking credit for its success:

Supreme Court sells elections to the highest (corporate) bidder

Disappointed that there were remaining pockets of the American political system not completely dominated by Wall Street executives, conservatives on the Supreme Court issued an opinion yesterday overturning a 63-year old ban or corporate money in federal elections.

What Happened in Massachusetts, and What it Means Moving Forward

Republican State Senator Scott Brown beat Democrat Martha Coakley last Tuesday for the Senate seat in Massachusetts.  The Democratic loss in Massachusetts, which is generally considered a very reliable state for Democrats, has understandably left many wondering how to interpret the election, and what it means for the future of Barack Obama's agenda, including health care.